Commercial Motor Fleet Insurance


More than just a product

Our expertise in Commercial Motor Fleet Insurance isn’t just evidenced by our product; our local underwriters and specialist risk managers apply their knowledge and experience to offer you a genuinely tailored fleet management solution.

It’s just one of the ways that we work pro-actively with your broker to bring you more than just a product.


What you'd expect from a specialist insurer

If you have more than 15 business vehicles we can customise your policy wording, claims management, pricing and risk minimisation strategies; resulting in a sophisticated solution built precisely to address your individual needs.

Our risk management consultants work with you to minimise your risk and accident profile, reducing costs and helping to keep your fleet on the road. While our highly regarded motor fleet underwriters work with your broker to tailor a solution around your reporting requirements, claims lodgement processes and the choice of repairer options.


Our policy features

The Commercial Motor Fleet Insurance policy offers two different types of cover to protect your business vehicles:

  • Comprehensive, and
  • Legal Liability.

Comprehensive insurance coverage includes:

  • theft, loss or damage to your vehicle caused by an insured event
  • new vehicle replacement after total loss if the event occurs within two years of the date of the vehicle’s original registration
  • choice of repair options including SMART centre repair technology that delivers high-quality, fast repairs in one-third of the time of traditional repairers
  • reasonable and necessary costs of towing or storing a vehicle when it cannot be driven
  • use of a hire vehicle, for up to 30 days or a specified dollar limit, after your vehicle is stolen and either not found or is found but not drivable, and
  • Optional Benefit of ‘Annual Vehicle Declaration’ we will automatically cover acquired vehicles saving you time and hassle. You have up to 30 days to provide us with full details of all acquired company vehicles.

Legal Liability insurance covers:

  • legal liability up to $50 million
  • pollution cover up to $500,000, and
  • damage by uninsured drivers up to $5,000 or the market value of your vehicle.

To learn more about how Vero can meet your commercial motor fleet insurance needs, speak to a broker.

If you have less than 15 commercial vehicles, please consider the Vero Enterprise Commercial Motor Insurance Policy.

Vero offers a range of repair options, explained in the short video below.



Policy wordings

Vero Motor Fleet Insurance Policy Wording

Update Pursuant to ASIC Corporations Instrument 2016/1055



Vero Motor Fleet Insurance Brochure


Product Disclosure Statements (PDSs) for Commercial Motor Fleet Insurance and Enterprise Motor Insurance are available. You should consider these PDSs before deciding to purchase a product. These products are issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 trading as Vero Insurance.