Marine Hull Claims


What to do in the event of a possible hull or pleasure craft claim

  • Immediately advise your Insurance Broker or our Marine Claims Centre.
  • We also recommend that you go back and familiarise yourself with the terms of your insurance policy, particularly the claims provisions.

1. In all cases:

  • You should take all reasonable steps to minimise any further loss or damage. You must act to safeguard the property insured.
  • You should gather evidence such as photographs, video, names of witnesses, diagrams and the like to support your claim and provide it to us as soon as possible.
  • In the case of vandalism, theft or loss you should contact the police.
  • Provide us with any communication received from any other person concerning the claim or damage, as soon as possible.

You should not without our prior written consent:

  • Incur any expense in making good any loss or damage (other than to minimise the damage).
  • Negotiate, pay, settle, admit or repudiate any claim made against you or your company by a third party (this includes anything which may be considered as an admission of liability). Any incident that could give rise to a claim against you under the third party legal liability (P&I) section of your insurance policy should be dealt with by following the liability claims procedures.

2. You must complete and sign the appropriate claim form:

Commercial Hull Claim Form
Secure Boat Claim Form

3. The following documentation may be requested

  • Commercial invoice
  • Police report number if applicable
  • Quote for repairs / replacement

Once all required documentation is to hand, the salvage / loss can be established.

4. Depending on the size or type of loss we may appoint a surveyor to inspect the damage and or gather information. The surveyor will not take control of the claim. You should co operate with the surveyor as this will assist in the handling of your claim.

If your loss occurred outside Australia you should notify our appointed overseas claims agent. This information can be found on either your insurance certificate or online.