Professional Indemnity


If you or your employees provide professional services involving specialised knowledge or expertise such as advice, design, consultancy, opinion or analysis, you need professional indemnity protection. Any professional service provider can be held liable for their actions and face costly legal expenses and damages.

Vero’s Professional Indemnity Insurance policy incorporates the following coverage benefits:

  • Breach of professional duty, including privacy and confidentiality
  • Mitigation of loss extension
  • Public relations expenses
  • Joint venture liability
  • Automatic inclusion of subsidiaries as insured’s
  • Advancement of insured costs, inquiry costs prior to final adjudication of a claim
  • Coverage for costs of notifying individuals or corporations of a privacy breach resulting from the professional services
  • Worldwide territorial cover

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Policy Wording

Vero Professional Indemnity Policy Wording


Vero Professional Indemnity Proposal Form

Vero Professional Indemnity Accountants Proposal Form
Vero Professional Indemnity Credit Services Proposal Form


Vero Professional Indemnity Brochure

Professional Indemnity Risk Appetite Brochure


For Supplementary Professional Indemnity Proposals please see the Documents & Forms section.