Vero Risk Engineering


Turn your risks into results with Vero risk engineering

Vero's risk engineering team delivers tailored risk management strategies and solutions across multiple business sectors both locally and internationally.

Our collaborative and friendly approach uses innovation and creativity in risk management techniques to support your business resilience and help you to achieve your commercial goals.

Australia's premier risk engineering team is available to work with you and your insurance broker via our specially designed RM offerings.


Vero risk engineering specialists are available to provide risk management services to existing and new customers across Australia and globally.

Experience and Expertise

Vero's in-house risk engineering team has a long-proven pedigree in risk management. Our risk specialists can draw from multiple tertiary education disciplines and many years of experience in industry and the management of risk.

We have formal training programs drawing subject matter from ‘best risk management practices' around the globe. Our internal competencies are evaluated by written examinations and mentorship for up to two years, which ensures we continuously strive to meet our standards of high quality.

We have a dedicated team responsible for leading technical and customer capability and are continuously evaluating how we operate in order to stay ahead in these two areas.

To learn more about how Vero can meet your risk management needs, contact us or speak with your broker.