How to be a Super Broker

Monday, 4 July, 2016

Being a successful insurance broker is all about building relationships – with insurers, industry peers and most importantly, with your clients. But if you’d like to ‘raise the bar’ and make yourself a Super Broker, here are some handy tips that could really help you get there.


1. Stay in touch!

The Vero SME Insurance Index research study tell us that many clients want more regular contact from their brokers. Those clients who are in touch more often report a higher level of satisfaction.

Do you know how often your clients want contact?  Ask them. A good Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) program will prompt you to touch base at all the appropriate times.


2. Don’t create, curate

There is so much quality content available today, there is no need to create your own. So search for useful articles to share with your clients. You can also add a comment telling them how you think it might help them in their business. This will help to create deeper relationships with your clients and increase your frequency of interaction.


3. Stay relevant and up to date

Use the resources of insurers and other business influencers to stay on top of trends, the industry and economic changes. Share everything you feel is relevant to your clientele. We’re all busy people and it’s not easy to stay on top of everything.


4. Keep accurate records

If for some reason you could not work tomorrow, could someone else take over your clients and treat them with the same sensitivity and understanding you show them?  They would need to know who, what and why. Today’s CRMs are powerful tools and the input of detailed records can reap big rewards.


5. Think outside the square

Find new ways to appraise your clients’ needs and learn their business.

Many brokers have cornered the market in particular industries by dramatically enhancing their knowledge of their clients’ business. They know what their specific risks are and how to better protect against them.


6. Time management is critical

Prioritising is the key. Know what is important and action that first. Every Super Hero has strengths that set them apart.

Flexibility and adaptability should be yours. If you can adapt and change as situations arise, you will do much better than someone who stands firm.


7. Finally, work smarter not harder

This statement is almost a cliché – but to truly work smarter, you have to determine your goals. What’s the most direct path to reaching them?  Don’t waste energy pursuing distractions and you’ll arrive where you need to be faster than a speeding bullet!


And isn’t that what Super Heroes do?