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At Vero we have a strong heritage of specialist expertise which we believe is best shared. Knowledge is power. And in the current environment this old adage couldn’t be more relevant. As the dedicated broker arm of the Suncorp Group, we are excited to introduce Insurance Insights, a new program that promises to provide forward thinking insights, knowledge and commentary on matters relevant to our industry. Click the title below to download the white paper as a PDF.
Chronic Condition - The need to reform the NSW CTP insurance scheme

April 2016

Author details: Written by Chris McHugh, Executive General Manager, Personal Injury Portfolio & Products

The New South Wales Compulsory Third Party insurance scheme is inefficient and in need of reform. In this Suncorp Insurance Australia white paper, Executive General Manager, Personal Injury Portfolio & Products, Chris McHugh, examines the scheme's structural issues and proposes solutions.

The art of underwriting in the automated age

December 2015

Written by Darren O’Connell, Executive General Manager, Commercial Portfolio & Underwriting Management
The rapid proliferation of data modelling and automated systems has allowed insurers to assess and price risks with unprecedented accuracy. However, there have been dramatic implications for the underwriting profession. This white paper examines the ongoing importance of human judgement and intuition and how the underwriting profession will continue to evolve in the coming decade.
Shaping the future of broking; leaders of the millennial generation

October 2015

By Sam Sanfilippo, National Manager International Intermediaries, and Anthony Pagano, National Manager Commercial Intermediaries with Suncorp Commercial Insurance

The paper looks at what next generation of broking leaders believe is the future of the broker industry. It canvasses the views of the five finalists of the 2015 Vero Warren Tickle Memorial Award for the NIBA Young Professional of the Year and what they see are the challenges and opportunities for the industry in the coming decade.

States in the injury business

November 2014

Written by Chris McHugh, executive General Manager, Statutory Portfolio

It references a Suncorp-commissioned report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC): Potential economic benefits of private underwriting of statutory insurance schemes – Non-catastrophic personal injury schemes, November 2014. The PwC report is available here.

Beyond Fault: Progressing to universal no-fault inusrance for catastrophic motor injuries

June 2014

Written by Chris McHugh, Executive General Manager Statutory Portfolio

When the nightly news reports a traffic accident, the story is often focused on the congestion caused. Images of hundreds of cars at a standstill and motorists exasperated by the inconvenience tend to dominate our television sets.

This white paper examines the importance and progress of no-fault catastrophic motor injury coverage in Australia and the establishment of lifetime care schemes.
Tomorrow's insurance workforce: The future trends impacting the insurance industry

May 2014

Written by Naomi White, Executive General Manager of Human Resources, Commercial Insurance
The relationship between employer and employee is fundamentally changing, especially in the insurance industry in Australia and overseas.
Employees are more autonomous than ever in deciding how, when, where and why they work. Employers, meanwhile, are exploring every avenue to ensure they have the best talent at their disposal and that the organisation is performing to an optimum level.
The mechanics of motor injury schemes

October 2013

Written by Chris McHugh, Executive General Manager Statutory Portfolio

Many of Australia’s various personal injury schemes require reform to prepare for the introduction of the National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIIS). State and Territory governments have a rare window of opportunity to implement substantial improvements to their personal injury schemes.

This paper considers the design options for Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance and advocates the introduction of no-fault schemes. 

The changing face of the insurance customer

August 2013

Written by the CEO of Commercial Insurance, Anthony Day.

The world of the customer has certainly changed. And it is continuing to alter dramatically, with the customer firmly in the driving seat when it comes to their choice and purchase of goods and services.

The commercial insurance industry in Australia and globally is no exception, facing considerable challenges in how customers interact with insurers and buy their insurance.

What scheme works when people get hurt? Reflections on underwriting options for personal injury insurance

November 2012

Written by the CEO of Commercial Insurance, Anthony Day.

In 2004 the Productivity Commission concluded that private underwriting of Workers Compensation schemes was preferable to government underwriting. Yet today, eight years later, no personal injury schemes around Australia have transitioned from public to private underwriting.

When markets hit motorists. How international financial markets impact Compulsory Third Party insurance

August 2012

Written by Chris McHugh, Executive General Manager Statutory Portfolio

This white paper examines the relationship between bond yields and insurance premiums, with a particular focus on the personal injury classes of Workers Compensation and Compulsory Third Party. It provides a clear explanation of this important dynamic that impacts insurance premiums.

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