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At Vero we have a strong heritage of specialist expertise which we believe is best shared. Knowledge is power. And in the current environment this old adage couldn’t be more relevant. As the dedicated broker arm of the Suncorp Group, we are excited to introduce Insurance Insights, a new program that promises to provide forward thinking insights, knowledge and commentary on matters relevant to our industry. Click the title below to download the white paper as a PDF.
After the storm. Can insurers save businesses after disasters?

July 2012

Written by Matt Pearson, Executive General Manager – Claims


Titled “After the storm. Can insurers save businesses after disasters?,” the white paper examines the readiness of the insurance industry when disaster strikes and what is required by an insurer to be prepared ‘after the storm’ to help businesses get up and running again.

Reinsurance – hero or villain?

March 2012
Written by the CEO of Commercial Insurance, Anthony Day.


Titled “Reinsurance – hero or villain,” it looks at the role reinsurance plays in our industry. Is reinsurance the Villain driving up the cost of insurance? Or the Hero supporting a viable Australian general insurance market. 

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