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RM Insight – Communication, training and risk

This RM Insight article highlights the necessity for organisations to establish effective internal communication and training in relation to risk to assist in developing a risk aware culture.

NSW ESL reintroduction onto insurance premiums

On 30 May 2017, the NSW Government announced it will defer the introduction of the Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) on council rates. The deferral of the reforms impacts the removal of ESL (Emergency Services Levy) - also referred to as FSL (Fire Services Levy) - from insurance premiums.  Over the 2016 – 2017 financial year, we have been progressively removing ESL. The deferral of the reform means that we will soon recommence collection of ESL via relevant insurance premiums.

RM Insight - Migration of monitored fire alarm and lift phone services to NBN

With the roll-out of the National Broadband Network (NBN), services are being progressively disconnected from the copper wire telephone system, including monitored fire alarms and lift emergency phones.

NSW ESL removal from insurance premiums is on hold

On 30 May 2017, the NSW Government announced their intentions to defer the introduction of the new Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) on council rates and defer the removal of Emergency Services Levy (ESL), which was due to commence 1 July 2017.

RM Insight - Avoiding Reversing Collisions

Vero’s risk engineering insights team offer some practical tips avoid vehicle reversing collisions.

RM Insight - Protecting employees and vehicles from storms and floods

Every year, natural perils such as storms, cyclones, floods and hail cause damage to thousands of vehicles across Australia. It is possible though for organisations to plan for these events thus protecting employees and their vehicles from a potentially harmful situation.

Reform of the New South Wales Emergency Services Levy
Brokers urged to rethink strategy in face of digital disruption - Vero SME Insurance Index 2017

Online channels are having a significant impact on the way that Australian small businesses buy insurance, with those using brokers declining, according to the latest Vero SME Insurance Index.

RM Insight - Emerging power generation technology

Vero’s risk engineering insights team considers how future power generation needs of industry could be met and what impact they might have on businesses.

Plugged In: How new technology is revolutionising staff training.

With cutting-edge technology making its mark on the Australian workplace, we consider what the future may hold for tech-savvy SMEs keen to adopt emerging training practices – and how it could spell success for small businesses.

Vero online video highlights broker value during claims

Vero has launched on online video for brokers to share with their existing and potential customers to highlight the value of having an insurance expert in their corner during a claim.

Unnatural Selection: Attracting diverse talent for competitive advantage

For any modern business, the ability to adapt and remain agile is integral to success. Here, we consider why any business should look to diversify skills in order to strengthen those traits and attract future talent.

The Party People takes home Vero’s $20,000 small business grant

Dean Salakas, co-owner of party-goods retailer The Party People, has won a small business competition on Vero’s online Success Hub platform, earning a $20,000 grant.

Vero launches it’s ‘In Focus’ series, giving you new insight into topics that are relevant for your business

The first topic looks at the fingerprint economy and how much could biometric security cost your business?

First-ever SME winner headlines the honours at Vero’s RM Advancer Awards

The Armidale School has won the first-ever RM Advancer award for SMEs, with Flinders Clinical Trial Services, The Salvation Army (Eastern) and UnitingCare Queensland taking out the other major prizes at a gala Ceremony hosted by Vero last night.

Vero launches online tool to help SME customers identify their business risks and gaps in their coverage

Vero has developed a free, online risk analysis tool designed to help current and prospective broker customers identify their biggest business concerns and any gaps in their insurance coverage.

Vero celebrates small business with its Success Hub

Vero has launched an interactive online platform to help SMEs benchmark themselves against notable business success stories.

A decongestant for traffic? It’s staggering, but it just might work.

Traffic congestion – especially in our bigger cities – is costing our economy millions of dollars each year. It not only stresses the minds of everyone confronted by inexplicable delays and the stultifying stop-start pace of traffic, but it also has a negative impact on the economy.

Would a little extra staff training pay dividends?

Business gurus tell us that continual staff training, education and improvement are necessary components in the formula for business growth. Without this input, they suggest that your organisation’s staff could be impacted and your business may be sliding backwards.

How to be a Super Broker

Being a successful insurance broker is all about building relationships – with insurers, industry peers and most importantly, with your clients. But if you’d like to ‘raise the bar’ and make yourself a Super Broker, here are some handy tips that could really help you get there.


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