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The Great Debate Revs Up

Will driverless cars collide with enthusiasts?

EOFY is the time to review your insurance

The end of financial year is a particularly busy and stressful time for most small business owners with Business Activity Statements to be completed and budgets to be finalised. But it's also the best time for business owners to review their insurances according to leading Australian insurer Vero. 

Possibility Mindset

Josie Thomson shares tips to help develop a growth mindset in your organisation.

09/05/2016 Reform of the New South Wales Emergency Services Levy

In December 2015, the NSW Government announced that the collection from insurers – passed onto you as an emergency services levy (ESL) in your insurance premium – will change to a property based tax collected directly from owners through their council rates.

The Go Zone habit

What are ‘Go Zones’?  Go Zones are about productivity – doing the important things without excuses or distractions. They are about you being in control of your schedule, your choices and your time frames.

SMEs need a trusted advisor. Can brokers fill the bill?

One of the key findings in Vero’s latest SME Index survey has taken a lot of insurance brokers by surprise. The study revealed that a healthy percentage of risk conscious, small to medium business owners (SMEs) choose to rely on their insurance broker for general business risk advice. 

Vero expands premier risk management awards to SMEs

Australia’s premier risk management awards have added a special category to recognise SMEs this year.

Why face to face interaction is so important

Stronger, more tangible values come from spending quality face to face time with your business colleagues.

How to optimise your conference

Tips, tactics and techniques to get the most out of your visit to the conference.

Vero’s new online platform, developed with brokers’ help

A new online business platform, developed with the assistance of a broker panel, will soon be released by Vero. 

Shaped by brokers, this new online platform hits the spot!

A new online platform, developed in conjunction with the broker community, is about to be released by Australian insurer Vero. 

Bridging the Risk Gap

A disturbing fact has emerged from Vero’s latest SME Insurance Index study. 

Costs and the economy are keeping small business owners awake - Vero SME Insurance Index

Rising costs and a potential economic downturn are keeping small business owners awake at night.

SMEs owners may be underinsured – and not know it

Small business owners may not be as well insured as they should be – even if they believe otherwise.

Vero's user-friendly cover meets IT sector needs

Vero has removed the ambiguity that often occurs with combined Professional Indemnity and Liability products in a policy tailored to the IT sector.

Vero develops user-friendly combined Professional Indemnity and Liability cover for the IT sector

Aiming to remove the ambiguity that often occurs with combined Professional Indemnity and Liability products, Vero has developed a policy tailored to the IT sector designed as a clear, user-friendly wording.

What happens now...without business interruption, not a lot.

When a savage fire ripped through John Occhipinti’s 4x4 accessories workshop at Hoppers Crossing, he was shocked and devastated. 

Hands up if you understand Professional Indemnity insurance

Insurance is an industry that has been accused of hiding behind confusing and confounding terminology. Whether it’s because of outdated legal reasons or (as with some other industries) because practitioners want to maintain their status by using obscure language – the insurance industry could often baffle us mere mortals with their jargon.

Will technology kill the underwriter?

Traditional entry-level roles in the insurance industry are becoming increasingly automated. As a result, insurers need to become more creative in the way they train tomorrow’s underwriters, according to Suncorp’s latest Insurance Insights white paper.

Insurers must find new ways to nurture underwriting talent as automation widens the skills gap

Insurers must find creative ways to ensure new team members are given every opportunity to learn the art of underwriting as the traditional entry-level roles increasingly become automated, according to in Suncorp’s latest Insurance Insights white paper. 


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