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A lot can happen in 180 years

What impact did the 1850s Gold Rush have on Australia’s population? Who put the ‘Ayers’ into Ayers Rock? How much did the Sydney Opera

House cost? Vero has been dusting off the archives to celebrate its 180 year heritage in Australia and has uncovered some interesting facts as the timeline here reveals.

Vero targets fleet market with new motor claims App

As part of its focus on the motor fleet insurance market, Vero has launched an App that makes it easier to manage claims for broker motor fleet clients.

Small business in digital world still wants help from insurance brokers - 2014 Vero SME Insurance Index

Despite many industries being impacted by customers choosing to “go direct”, the 2014 Vero SME Insurance Index, released today, reveals that the SME market still holds major opportunities for general  insurance brokers to provide quality service.

In 1841, Sydney's new gas streetlights raised serious safety concerns

When gas street lighting was first installed in Sydney in the early nineteenth century, the ‘innovation’ raised serious safety concerns. Part of the celebrations surrounding Queen Victoria’s birthday, the new lighting brought brightness and greater night time visibility being to the fledgling city.

Heat waves bring spike in machinery breakdown claims

 Lengthy spells of above-average temperatures are increasing the number of machinery breakdown claims for Australian businesses.

Will our industry drown when Sydney floods?

The insurance industry is all too familiar with the devastating impact, destruction and financial cost associated with severe flooding – especially over the past few years and especially in Queensland. But what if it happened in Sydney? What if a major flood inundated the newly-constructed housing clusters and business premises that are lining the banks of the Hawkesbury-Nepean river basin?

Elders steer towards a worthy win

For almost 175 years, Elders has occupied a unique position as an iconic Australian brand and one of the best-known names in the bush.

Top tips for improving your personal brand

The first impression you make leaves a lasting impression. Here are 10 Top Tips for making sure it’s a good one.

Vero makes insurance more affordable for small charities


In an effort to make insurance cover for small not-for-profit (NFP) organisations more affordable, Vero Insurance has announced reductions for many charitable organisations’ public liability premiums.
SMARTer than the average repair

Suncorp’s SMART shops have just won the 2013 Australian Business Award for Innovation.  The Awards recognise ‘businesses that have made significant contributions to their industry by differentiating or increasing effectiveness of products, processes, services, technologies or ideas’.

Summer's coming again... can you cope?

Over the past three summers, Australia has endured some of the worst weather imaginable. Can it happen again? And will your clients be ready?

"I felt numb"

By all accounts, the recent float of the Steadfast group was an outstanding industry success.  Following hot on the heels of some less than spectacular floats, the Steadfast IPO was over-subscribed with the share price rising immediately after the initial offer.

You made me want you

What makes us want something…really want it…like an Apple iPad? Or a Mercedes Benz? Why do we want Nike branded runners instead of cheaper alternatives? Why do we want one brand over another?

Stadiums, casino and national fleet rewarded for risk management excellence

The operators of Queensland’s stadiums, a casino and entertainment complex, and an agribusiness fleet have all been recognised for excellence in risk management by Vero Insurance at last night’s RM Advancer Awards.

Conducting Hot Work - Risks and control measures

Learn about the risks and control measures of conducting hot work, the second edition of RM Insight.

Vero Partners with Monash Uni for study into work-related road traffic injuries

Vero Insurance is partnering with the Monash University Accident Research Centre to undertake groundbreaking research into the prevalence of work-related traffic injuries and how they are impacted by workplace practices and cultures.

Finalists announced for 2013 risk management awards

An exceptional group of Australia’s large organisations have been selected as finalists in the Vero RM Advancer Awards for 2013.

Accident and incident reporting and analysis
Learn about the importance of accident and incident reporting in the first edition of RM Insight, Vero's Risk Engineering Newsletter.  
Project management key to efficient claims

Effective project management of the reinstatement process is a critical component in delivering the best possible claims result. 

Will you be left behind? The digital world won't wait

The digital age has changed the way our business clients are shopping for insurance, according to the latest Insurance Insights White Paper written by Suncorp Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Insurance, Mr Anthony Day.

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