SME Insurance Index

With insights from more than 1,500 SMEs across Australia, the Vero SME Insurance Index is packed with fascinating findings on attitudes and behaviours towards brokers and insurance.

For the first time, the report will be released in four phases with the first issue of the report covering topics including channel usage and the role of advice.

Later this year, we will explore three further findings centred around the following themes:

  • What drives and motivates business owners in Australia?
  • Attitudes of female SMEs.
  • A broader look at how SMEs use financial services.  

Please read and download the Vero SME Insurance Index 2017 today.


SME Index 2017 Issue 2 - Interactive PDF

SME Index 2017 Issue 2

SME Index 2017 Infographic Issue 2

Watch now: Vero SME Index 2017


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