At Vero, we understand how devastating bushfires can be.

That’s why we strive to bring you the latest information, resources and advice – especially any critical actions you should take. We’re committed to supporting you every step of the way – before, during and after a bushfire



When you need to prepare for a bushfire, Vero is here


Although we live in a beautiful, golden country Australia’s hot, dry climate means we’re at high risk of bushfires during the warmer months.

So if you live or work in bushfire prone areas near bush, scrub or forestry, it’s vital you keep prepared to help ensure the safety of you, your family and your employees.

Here are some practical tips to help you reduce your risk this summer. And remember if you need any assistance – Vero is here.


Before a bushfire

  • If you haven’t already, prepare an emergency kit and keep it handy (this can include things like first aid supplies, torch,
    battery operated radio, important documents and medicines)
  • Subscribe to local alerts and warning systems to allow you to stay up-to-date with expert information and advice
  • Regularly clear gutters and rubbish around the property
  • Identify where and how to turn off the mains supply for water, power and gas
  • Make sure the property has clear and easy access for emergency services
  • Develop an evacuation plan and confirm the roles and responsibilities with your family and employees
  • Ensure your vehicle is in good working order
  • Review your contents insurance regularly to ensure new purchases are covered and your sum insured is adequate