Would a little extra staff training pay dividends?

Tuesday, 19 July, 2016

Business gurus tell us that continual staff training, education and improvement are necessary components in the formula for business growth. Without this input, they suggest that your organisation’s staff could be impacted and your business may be sliding backwards.

So if this is true, what is the best way to introduce new learnings, tactics and techniques to your employees?  Would a little extra staff training pay dividends?  The answer is ‘yes’.

You could start by asking your employees what they think they could use…what they believe would be a positive addition to their current skills set. After all, they are at the ‘coalface’ day after day and highly conscious of their advantages and deficiencies when compared with their rivals. Your employees really understand what stands between them and greater success in the marketplace. They hear day-to-day about new things competitors are achieving.

When you investigate the plethora of training tools and education providers available to businesses, the choices can be confusing. How do you separate the good from the ordinary?  What new learnings will have a measurable, positive impact on your staff’s performance?

The answer could rest in one word – ‘relevance’.

Rather than the traditional, academically based training courses, consider learning outcomes based on recent research into your industry – like the SME Insurance Index just released by Vero. This study quizzed over 1500 SME business owners across Australia on their fears, attitudes, preferences and buying habits. The results are real, current and actionable. 

From that study, Vero has created an online tutorial to help brokerages meet the needs of their SME clients and invest further the professional development of their key staff.  It is sound, and highly relevant, industry based training that can help every brokerage earn the dividends of some extra staff development.