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Helpful tools and resources for brokers.

Doing business is easier with Vero

At Vero, we’re focused on making it easier for you to do business with us. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of tools and calculators based on your business needs. This means more straight-through quote occupations and business rules, fewer referrals and faster turnaround times.  Explore your options below by logging on.  

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A simplified online platform so you can do your SME business with us. Get direct access to Certificates of Currency (CoCs), swifter quotes and a comprehensive document library.

Launch VeroEdge

VeroEdge resources, training guides and materials

With VeroEdge, you can:

  • Generate SME Package quotes and manage policies
  • Complete Workers Compensation renewals
  • Connect via Sunrise or directly through Vero
  • See full policy lifecycle transactions
  • Create simple referrals
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Broker Toolkit

The Vero Broker Toolkit is your gateway to a suite of tools that make it easier for you to generate quotes, access reports and claims information for your clients.

Access the Broker Toolkit

The broker toolkit includes:

Construction Insurance Quotes

Equipment Breakdown quotes

Home and Motor quotes

Claims Online

Workers Compensation Claims Reporting

Sum Insured Calculators for Home and Contents