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SME Packages on VeroEdge

We have been working closely with brokers across Australia to create a revolutionary new approach for all your SME Packages and Commercial Motor needs that accurately reflects the way you want to do business today.

We have upgraded VeroEdge to a straight-through quote and bind platform for SME Packages and Commercial Motor new business to reduce the time it takes to get a quote, provide clarity of our risk appetite and give you greater accuracy through expanded occupation-based risk selection.

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Accessing VeroEdge or VeroEdge Portal

  • For VeroEdge connect from your Broker Management System via Sunrise
  • For VeroEdge Portal connect from the Broker Hub in using your Vero broker log in.

Launch VeroEdge

New Business on VeroEdge just got a whole lot easier

We are excited to announce Vero’s largest investment with a major upgrade to the VeroEdge platform on new business quotes for SME Packages and Commercial Motor, making it quicker and easier for you to do business with us.


Watch the video to take a closer look at some of the key changes and new feature.

VeroEdge quote demonstrations

Watch the VeroEdge quote demonstrations below to help you navigate the upgraded platform:

The upgraded VeroEdge experience

We've made the following updates to help speed up quote times. These updates are now live across VeroEdge for new business SME Packages and Commercial Motor.

Provide clarity of our risk appetite

Through clearer appetite guidelines and immediate system notifications, we can ensure you know the business we want to write upfront.

If you have missed the VeroEdge SME Packages and Commercial Motor Webinar Update, you can watch the recording on-demand. You'll earn 1 CPD point if you watch the webinar.

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