How do you tailor motor fleet solutions?

By  Vero Insurance

It starts by understanding a client’s specific needs.

As everyone with a motor fleet knows, the priority is keeping the vehicles on the road. Yet accidents and repairs are a fact of life. So, what can a business do to lower its risk of accidents, get repairs handled seamlessly and its fleet moving again as quickly as possible? ​

Today we’re speaking with Nick Zoghbi, a Fleet Underwriting Manager with Vero. Nick works with businesses that use a fleet of vehicles as part of their daily operations. He explains how finding the right insurance solution is a key part of keeping a motor fleet on the road.  ​

​Hear more from Nick on how Vero tailored a motor fleet solution for a not-for-profit below.​

Understanding the client’s specific needs

Nick shared the story of working with a not-for-profit service provider. Its growing motor fleet of over 300 vehicles was mostly driven by volunteers. The client was looking for a tailored insurance solution. So, Vero met face-to-face with the client and broker to understand their specific needs. Then, with genuine understanding of the client’s circumstances, Vero’s Underwriting team could help tailor a solution to suit. The solution aimed to help the client reduce risk, keep accidents to a minimum and their costs down too. It also streamlined the claims process, ensuring vehicles were back on the road as quickly as possible. 

Mitigating risk 

Risk management is better with a personalised solution, instead of an off-the-shelf approach. For example, by analysing a client’s unique pattern of accidents, the Vero team can interrogate the cause of those accidents. Then they can advise how to avoid them in the future. This might include advice like widening the car park bays, choosing certain times of day to drive or which routes to travel. This level of personalised analysis aims to help avoid accidents and keep the fleet on the road.

For this motor fleet client, keeping costs to a minimum was paramount. Claims feed into premiums, so reducing claims was important.  Vero appointed a dedicated and local Risk Engineer to support the client, and integrate risk management as an integral part of Vero’s approach to motor fleet insurance.

Repairs to suit business

But inevitably, motor fleets require repairs. And when insured with Vero, businesses have access to flexible claim lodgement options as well as a vast repairer network. The more repairers, the faster the fleet can get back on the road. 

Brokers can also reassure their clients that claims will be handled by a familiar face. This reduces stress when an accident does occur. Businesses are even able to nominate a preference for how they’d like their claim to be processed - via email, phone, or online lodgement. Vero can adapt to meet different needs depending on the client. 

Inspiring confidence with a personal touch

Personalised service comes from a relationship of trust between brokers, clients, and Vero. That’s why Vero’s Underwriting team works hard to build transparent relationships with everyone they work with.

As Nick says, “Being able to deliver from experience, communicating regularly with our clients and our brokers and consistently delivering on what we promise – that’s insurance with insight.”

Taking the next step

For help tailoring insightful motor fleet solutions to suit your clients’ needs, speak to Vero’s Risk Engineering and Underwriting teams today.

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