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Changes in SME behaviour and insurance sentiments

Increased broker proactivity is driving more positive sentiment. In a time in which constant change is the norm, the SME Index’s top line measure of broker usage has remained relatively stable.

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Making the claims process easier for SMEs

Putting in an insurance claim can be a very stressful time for owners and decision-makers of SMEs, creating a key opportunity for brokers to demonstrate their value.

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Serious change offers immense opportunity

Vero offers tips on how to help navigate the unique challenges facing Australian insurance brokers during a critical time for the industry.

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Risk management offers untapped potential

Brokerages that cultivate risk management among their SME clients will be the ones to succeed within our every-changing business landscape.

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Champion brokers as trusted advisers in an era of change

We investigate the reasons why client trust in insurance has dropped sharply in the last year – and what brokers can do to turn the trend on its head.

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Key tips for engaging SME owners under 45 years

One of the main findings from this year’s SME Index was the change in purchase behaviour of SMEs, in particular younger business owners under 45 years, which is why we have developed an ‘In Focus’ Report as well as a free ‘Lead Nurture Kit

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Get the facts on: Claims and Coverage

Claims are the ultimate moment of truth for any insurance policy. Therefore, the experience of making a claim can often dictate overall perceptions of insurance relationships, including those SMEs have with a broker. So we’ve created the Risk Register Tool - to help brokers show clients the top causes of insurance related loss in their industry - the perfect conversation starter!

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