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Putting Employee Wellbeing First: Employee health, emerges as top concern

Employees are the lifeblood of any business – big or small. Whether there’s five or 500 people on the team, each person plays a pivotal role in helping a business operate smoothly, achieve growth, thrive and succeed.

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About the Vero SME Insurance Index

In the 7 years since its launch, the SME Insurance Index has gained an industrywide reputation for being credible, thorough and delivering actionable insights that help brokers adapt and thrive.

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Insurance purchase behaviour is more complex than you may think

Our findings this year suggest the biggest challenge for brokerages is not losing clients, but that SMEs are using a range of channels to meet their insurance needs.

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Industry and business changes review insurance on a regular basis

But how often do SMEs really think about their insurance? This year we wanted to understand how often SMEs really think about their insurance and why.

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The trends of broker usage for 2018

Insurance purchase behavior is becoming more complex, with almost a third of SMEs claiming to be using a broker less than they used to.

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Broker satisfaction levels at all-time high, despite more SMEs going it alone

Vero’s SME Index, now in its 11th year, surveyed 1,500 SMEs and 100 large businesses to understand the current business climate, insurance purchasing behaviour and perceptions of brokers and the insurance industry.

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Discover SMEs’ top risk concerns, and are they protected?

Vero’s 2022 SME Insurance Index Bonus Chapter, ‘Attitudes to Risk’, has revealed a number of key opportunities for brokers to deliver expert advice and to reinforce their role as risk advisers.

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