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Research from this year’s Vero SME Insurance Index Report 2019 highlights the opportunity for brokers to demonstrate their expertise by assisting clients with risk advice.

Appropriately managing risk is a huge area of growth for brokers, and it’s an opportunity many brokerages could be doing more to cultivate amongst their SME clients. The research also shows brokers who provide risk profiling and management services are 72% more likely to win that SME’s trust, providing a strong foundation for robust broker–relationships.

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Key Insights

  • An increasing number of SMEs would like to receive information about risk management from their broker, including industry case studies and risk profiling insights.
  • Most SMEs view their broker as an insurance purchase channel, rather than as a risk adviser.
  • If brokers want to be seen as risk advisers, they need to be more strongly associated with risk management beyond selling insurance.

Vero’s new Risk Profiler Tool aims to provide all this valuable information in one easily accessible place, offering brokers and clients a one-stop-shop for up-to-date information on the top insurance risks and a range of checklists that are industry specific.

By providing clients with free access to the new Vero Risk Profiler Tool, brokers can give SMEs an outline of the common risks experienced by other businesses in their field. This information is increasingly important to SMEs - and it’s also a way for brokers to add value to their service offering, helping brokers to demonstrate their expertise to the all-important broker–client relationship.

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