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SMEs shake up business models for COVID but is their insurance up-to-date?

Vero SME Index COVID-19 research reveals nearly two-thirds of Australian SMEs have altered their business models as a result of COVID-19, yet, only around one-third of those have made changes to their business insurance.

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Get the facts on: Claims and Coverage

Claims are the ultimate moment of truth for any insurance policy. Therefore, the experience of making a claim can often dictate overall perceptions of insurance relationships, including those SMEs have with a broker. So we’ve created the Risk Register Tool - to help brokers show clients the top causes of insurance related loss in their industry - the perfect conversation starter!

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Peer advice continues to grow in importance

We’re witnessing an increase in the number of business owners and decision makers turning to non-professional sources of advice when they are thinking about risks to their business.

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About the Vero SME Insurance Index

In the 7 years since its launch, the SME Insurance Index has gained an industrywide reputation for being credible, thorough and delivering actionable insights that help brokers adapt and thrive.

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Insurance purchase behaviour is more complex than you may think

Our findings this year suggest the biggest challenge for brokerages is not losing clients, but that SMEs are using a range of channels to meet their insurance needs.

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Industry and business changes review insurance on a regular basis

But how often do SMEs really think about their insurance? This year we wanted to understand how often SMEs really think about their insurance and why.

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The trends of broker usage for 2018

Insurance purchase behavior is becoming more complex, with almost a third of SMEs claiming to be using a broker less than they used to.

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