We are not offering Loss of Rent – Tenant Default as an optional cover for new Landlord policies or existing Landlord policies (that do not already have this option) until further notice.

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Landlord Insurance

Don’t throw your investment away – protect your property with Landlord Insurance.

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What’s included in Secure Landlord Insurance

With legal liability cover for up to $20 million and automatic cover for landlord furnishings up to $5,000, Vero’s Secure Landlord Insurance can cover your rental property for insured events such as flood, fire or malicious damage by tenants.

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Secure Landlord Insurance

Vero Secure Landlord Insurance is specifically designed to protect rental properties for landlords. You’ll be covered up to $20 million for legal liability, as well as $5,000 for your furnishings in the case of an insured event like flood or fire, or due to malicious damage by tenants. You can also pay an extra premium to add cover for loss of rent in the case of an insured event or if your tenants default.

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Secure Landlord Insurance can offer cover for:

  • malicious damage or theft by tenants

  • lifetime guarantee on property repairs

  • lock replacement if your tenant leaves without notice or is legally evicted

  • motor burnout

  • up to $20 million legal liability

  • up to $5,000 cover on landlord furnishings.

Customise your policy
With these additional cover options

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Loss of Rent – Insured Event

For an additional premium, you can choose to add Loss of Rent Cover (Insured Event) to your policy, which will cover you in the case of an insured event such as fire, flood or storms that makes your property unliveable for the tenant.

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Loss of Rent – Tenant Default

You can add the optional cover of Loss of Rent (Tenant Default) to your Landlord Insurance Policy, to cover you for loss of rent if your tenant leaves without notice or does not pay the full rent amount.

Reasons to choose Vero Insurance

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Helping Australians for over 180 years

Vero provides leading business and personal insurance products, and has helped Australians protect their futures for nearly 2 centuries. Our wealth of experience makes us specialists in the insurance space.

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Making claims easier

The insurance claims process should be simple and fast, so you can get on with things. When you need to claim, we’ll lodge it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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A provider of choice for insurance brokers

Vero is known as a trusted, leading provider of quality business and personal insurance products. Contact a certified insurance broker for advice on which Vero products will suit you.

  • Forms and documents
    Learn more about Vero’s Secure Landlord Insurance policies by viewing the policy documents.
    You should consider the PDS before deciding to purchase either of these products. These products are issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 trading as Vero Insurance.

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