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If your business’ equipment malfunctions or breaks down, Vero’s Equipment Breakdown Insurance can help.

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What’s included in Vero Equipment Breakdown Insurance?

Your business relies on the equipment you use daily, like electrical switchboards, telephones, lifts, air conditioning, production machinery and server networks. Equipment breakdown can result in significant interruption to your business activity, so it’s essential that you have adequate insurance. Speak to your broker to see how Vero’s Equipment Breakdown Insurance can help you.

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Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Vero Equipment Breakdown Insurance is simple to set up, and is designed to cover the cost to repair or replace any equipment that breaks down at your insured location. It can also cover business interruption costs, and spoilage losses that may result from equipment breaking down.

Offering broad coverage and higher limits of liability than traditionally offered on the market, Equipment Breakdown Insurance also comes with a dedicated risk engineering team and a responsive, knowledgeable claims team.

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Equipment Breakdown Insurance can offer:

  • equipment breakdown coverage, based on a single broad definition of ‘equipment’ which incorporates today’s technologies

  • business interruption coverage

  • cover for losses arising from service interruption, due to failure of utility or landlord’s equipment used to supply services such as electricity, internet, gas or water

  • cover for spoilage of stock

  • green upgrade enhancement (+50% of repair/replacement)

  • data restoration costs, extending to breakdown at data centres.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance is more important than ever before

Today more than ever, SME’s depend on business equipment for their income. As technology develops and equipment becomes more sophisticated – their exposures grow even larger. Watch this short presentation where we highlight exposures for businesses and the associated risks when they don’t have adequate Equipment Breakdown cover.

How Vero Equipment Breakdown Insurance helped Signature Orthopaedic to stay in business

Business of many SMEs relies on the equipment and machinery they use daily. In this short video, we investigate how Vero Equipment Breakdown Insurance recommended by the broker helped the business recover after a power surge stopped it from being operational for nine months.

Practical tools to illustrate the losses businesses may face and which can be insured with Equipment Breakdown Insurance

The success of all size businesses, especially SMEs depends on properly functioning machinery and equipment more than ever. We continue to develop new sets of Loss Bulletins to aid SMEs in considering these exposures.

Designed to further educate on the risks businesses face without adequate Equipment Breakdown cover, the below sample of Loss Bulletins highlight real losses incurred specifically in clubs and hotels. Get in touch with your local Vero contact to enquire about Loss Bulletins in other industries.  

Reasons to choose Vero Insurance

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A provider of choice for insurance brokers

Vero is known as a trusted, leading provider of quality business and personal insurance products. Contact a certified insurance broker for advice on which Vero products will suit you.

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Turning risk into results

The Vero Risk Engineering team apply innovation and creativity to build your business’ resilience and help achieve your commercial goals. If you work for a medium or large organisation, learn how Vero can support your risk management needs.

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Protecting your success

At Vero, we know that business owners work hard to build and maintain their business. We believe in protecting that success, which is why we are passionate about sharing stories and insights from inspiring business owners just like you.

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Learn more about Vero’s Engineering & Equipment Breakdown Insurance policies by viewing the policy documents.

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