Management Liability

In today’s highly regulated and litigious business environment, Management Liability Insurance is increasingly crucial for small to medium enterprises.

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What’s included in Vero Management Liability Insurance?

Owners and operators of small to medium enterprises can be liable to a wide variety of stakeholders – such as investors, creditors, employees, regulators, customers, the public and other businesses – for their management and business practices and decisions.

Vero’s Management Liability offers cover for a range of managerial risks, and the policy can be tailored to your unique needs.

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Management Liability Insurance

Vero’s Management Liability Insurance offers cover for a range of managerial risks including allegations of mismanagement, employment-related claims, crime losses, and more.

Most policy sections provide cover for legal costs and compensation arising from allegations that you’ve caused someone else a loss. However, some policy sections compensate you for losses you suffer.

Note: While Vero can write a range of occupations for Management Liability Insurance, we do not write the construction and mining industry or road haulage.

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Management Liability Insurance can include:

  • directors’ and officers’ liability cover and company reimbursement cover for claims arising from the management of the company

  • company liability cover

  • employment practices liability cover

  • crime loss cover including investigation expenses

  • tax audit expense cover

  • cover for pecuniary penalties incurred by insured persons and the company (as permitted by law)

  • cover for the costs of representing insured persons and the company at WH&S investigations

  • cover for the costs of representing insured persons at certain other official inquiries.

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Forms and documents
Learn more about Vero Management Liability Insurance policies by viewing the policy documents.

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