Workers Compensation

Your workers are your business’ most valuable asset. Protect them with Workers Compensation Insurance.

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What is Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation Insurance covers most medical bills of your workers if they suffer a work-related injury and wages, if they are unable to work following the injury. It’s compulsory for most employers in Australia. From slips, trip and falls to muscle strains and injuries, Workers Compensation provides support for workers with a work-related injury.

How can I get Workers Compensation Insurance?

Vero can refer you to GIO who offers Workers Compensation Insurance for businesses in WA, NT, ACT and TAS, as Vero does not offer workers compensation insurance. With GIO, you’ll also receive support services for your business, including risk management and training courses. Vero and GIO are both part of the Suncorp Network, which has some of Australia’s largest financial services brands used widely by insurance brokers.

For businesses in other Australian states, visit your state regulator for details on how to get Workers Compensation:

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Workers Compensation

In WA, NT, ACT and TAS, you can take out Workers Compensation Insurance through leading personal injury insurer GIO. With over 85 years of experience in personal injury insurance, GIO is one of Australia’s largest providers.

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Workers Compensation Insurance can cover:

  • Wages of your workers if they suffer a work-related injury or disease and they are unable to work.
  • Medical expenses, treatment and rehabilitation costs
  • All your employees. This usually includes anyone receiving a wage or commission payment, including casuals and temporary employees, apprentices, trainees and some contractors. This may vary depending on the state or territory.

Workers Compensation Insurance doesn’t cover:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance does not cover sole traders or a partner in a partnership. Alternate insurance arrangements must be made in this instance.