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iTech Liability Insurance

Protect your information technology business with insurance specially designed for the IT sector.

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What’s included in Vero iTech Liability Insurance?

If your business operates in the information technology sector, you need a specific type of insurance that can respond to claims against your products, services or advice. Focused on the key areas of professional indemnity and public and products liability, Vero iTech Liability Insurance offers protection for IT companies, suppliers, contractors and consultants, and can effectively respond to claims against your business. Learn more by speaking to your insurance broker.

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iTech Liability Insurance

iTech Liability Insurance is suitable for IT companies and contractors, such as:

  • developers and designers
  • manufacturers, suppliers and distributors
  • consultants or project managers
  • website hosting and data services providers.

The policy provides cover for legal costs and damages expenses arising from allegations that your services or products have caused injury, damage or loss to your clients or other parties.

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iTech Liability Insurance can offer cover for:

  • professional indemnity, covering breach of professional duty

  • public and products liability, covering personal injury or damage to property

  • breaches of privacy law, including costs of notifying individuals or corporations of breaches

  • contractual liability

  • public relations expenses.

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Vero provides leading business and personal insurance products, and has helped Australians protect their futures for nearly 2 centuries. Our wealth of experience makes us specialists in the insurance space.

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Forms and documents
Learn more about Vero iTech Liability Insurance policies by viewing the policy documents.

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