Professional Indemnity Insurance

If your business provides advice, consulting, design, analysis or other specialised services, Vero Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to for you.

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What’s included in Vero Professional Indemnity Insurance?

If your business provides professional services such as advice, consulting, analysis, design or the provision of specialised knowledge, then you could be held liable for your words and actions.

Professional Indemnity Insurance offers you protection against costly legal fees or damage expenses that arise from allegations that you breached your professional duty and caused losses to your clients or other parties.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Vero Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to protect your business from expenses that arise from a breach of professional duty. You can receive cover for costs relating to legal proceedings, professional inquiries and more, helping you stay focused on maintaining business as usual.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance can offer:

  • cover for breach of professional duty, including privacy and confidentiality

  • cover for loss mitigation expenses

  • cover for public relations expenses

  • joint venture liability

  • advancement of legal costs prior to finalisation of a claim

  • coverage for costs of notifying individuals or corporations of a privacy breach resulting from the professional services

  • worldwide territorial cover.

Vero panel lawyers

If you need assistance in finding a lawyer for a professional indemnity claim, Vero can help.

Vero can help connect you with a reliable lawyer who understands the needs of your business.

How a Vero panel lawyer can help you

Lawyers within Vero’s network are highly experienced in dealing with professional indemnity and financial lines claims. They have access to large teams, giving them the capability to deal with matters of any size. The breadth of Vero’s network means you can find expert legal help in each state and territory of Australia.   

They are also:

  • Focused on delivering the best outcomes for Vero customers.
  • Familiar with the specific needs and reputation risks of our Insureds.
  • Specialists in financial lines and insurance product.

Vero can help connect you with a panel lawyer today

Our panel law firms for professional indemnity matters include:

For help getting in touch with a law firm or to find out more, please speak to your Vero Claims Officer or contact our professional indemnity claims team on 02 8121 1366.  

You can also seek your own legal advice and representation, subject to the term of your policy. Refer to your PDS for policy terms which apply.   

Panel Firm Capability Statements

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Forms and documents
Learn more about Vero Professional Indemnity Insurance policies by viewing the policy documents.

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