Association Liability Insurance

Not-for-profits need a policy that will provide comprehensive cover for a range of risks.

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What’s included in Vero Association Liability Insurance?

Not-for-profit organisations and their office bearers and employees are exposed to a variety of risks arising from their services and the management of the association. Association Liability Insurance incorporates elements of professional indemnity cover and management liability cover to protect the organisation, office bearers and employees against legal costs and damages expenses that could arise from allegations of misconduct, breach of duty, mismanagement and more.

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Association Liability Insurance

Vero’s Association Liability Insurance has several cover sections. The professional indemnity section offers cover for claims alleging a breach of duty in the conduct of the association’s services. The other sections cover a range of operational risks including allegations of mismanagement, employment-related claims, crime losses and more.

Most policy sections provide cover for legal costs and compensation due to allegations that you’ve caused someone else loss. Some policy sections compensate you for losses you suffer.

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Association Liability Insurance can include:

  • professional indemnity cover for claims arising from the association’s services

  • office bearers’ liability cover and association reimbursement cover for claims arising from the management of the association

  • association liability cover

  • employment practice liability

  • crime loss cover including investigation expenses

  • tax audit expense cover

  • cover for pecuniary penalties incurred by insured persons and the association (as permitted by law)

  • cover for the costs of representing insured persons and the association at WH&S investigations

  • cover for the costs of representing insured persons at certain other official inquiries.

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Not-for-Profit Organisations Insurance

Vero has designed Not-for-Profit Organisations Insurance for organisations that need to run on lean costs, but still have important liability insurance needs. Speak to a broker about how public and products liability can protect your company through Not-for-Profit Organisations Insurance.

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Learn more about Vero Association Liability Insurance policies by viewing the policy documents.

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