Customers in need of extra help and support

We understand that sometimes our customers need extra care and support at different points in their lives. 

We also know that everyone’s situation and needs will be different. We are commited to looking after your needs with sensitivity, dignity, respect and compassion.

What is vulnerability?

Vulnerability can come in many forms and include a variety of factors, such as:

We understand that vulnerability is complex and that every customer is different. We’re determined to help our customers get back on track, especially during tough times.

When can I ask for help?

Asking for help isn’t easy. However, if you are experiencing vulnerability, please contact your Insurance Broker in the first instance .Your broker will guide you through the process, and will notify Vero of your circumstances on your behalf so that we can arrange appropriate support.

Vero have specially trained and equipped teams to support customers experiencing vulnerability. We’ll always do our best to prioritise customers who need our help and support.

If we can see that you have other policies with us, your information will be shared across other general insurance brands in the Suncorp Group.

Protecting your privacy

The protection of your information and privacy is important to us. We’ll use your information to find the right solution for you, which may involve sharing it with various parties:

  • Our employees and service suppliers, who may need to know your circumstances in order to help. Eg, if they need to visit you, they may need to know if you’re living with a disability.
  • A partner providing interpretive services, if, say, English is your second language or you’re hearing impaired.
  • Financial counselling services.
  • Specialist service providers.This may be applicable if, for example, you’re experiencing domestic or family violence.

Please visit our privacy page for more information on how we collect, store and use your information. This information will not be shared with Suncorp Bank.

How to access our support

If you need extra support, it can help to know what support is available. Here are some links to helpful information, tools and services:

Please let your broker know if you require extra support.