Franchising Fire

By  Vero Insurance

As an apprentice, I was placed with a fire company to help them complete fire alarm installations. I went back to the electrical field and after only a few months found that that for me, the fire industry was more exciting.

Jacob Foster, FCF Fire & Electrical

Our business has progressed from a single tradesman in a van to employing over fifty people. The key change was franchising the business. This was a huge investment of labour and capital and the model that we used ensured fast growth in a short period of time.

The biggest acknowledgment of the business was in 2016, the International Franchise Association along with the Franchise Council of Australia recognised FCF Fire and Electrical in Texas USA. This event plunged FCF Fire & Electrical into the spotlight, both nationally and internationally in front of 4500 peers.

Our biggest challenge is people, from franchisees to our field staff. In our business working out how to ask the right questions from the beginning enables cost savings. We try to ensure that the business culture isn’t tested by individuals that just don’t fit in with our goals. Our support staff spend a lot of time working with professionals to ensure that interviews are focused on asking the right questions.

FCF Fire & Electrical are looking forward to continuing our important work, engaging likeminded people to join our group and continuing to service fire equipment across Australia.

I believe that our model of owner operators in each Territory, will see our business become the business of choice for small/ medium and larger groups who want to ensure compliance, while making saving costs that they can pass on to their customers.

Favourite saying

Your decisions today will make an impact on FCF fire & Electrical for years to come. Act as individuals, respond as one team.