Robin Strang The Madhatter wins the final $10,000 Vero Business Grant

By  Vero Insurance

Congratulations to The Madhatter!

We have had some amazing submissions for the Business Success grant competition and the team at Two Madhatters are no exception.

With over 20 years’ experience sewing fabric hats in Western Queensland and Townsville, Robin Strang now has her sights on bringing local artists the ability to create their own fabrics and sell to the world.

Rather than producing the fabric overseas, Robin plans to use the grant to enable production in North Queensland. This will not only create jobs but help small businesses to produce creative fabrics and products locally.

Our panel of judges loved the concept and what it will mean for local artists to be able to produce their fabrics in Australia rather than having to go offshore.

A note from the winner:

We are helping artists put their art on products and then giving them a platform to access the world market. Our small but growing team are incredibly excited and humbled to be selected for the Vero Insurance Business Grant!

We have set ambitious goals and look forward even more so excitedly to achieving these with Vero’s help.

Thank you so much for this amazing boost to our business which has come at just the right time. Having the team at the Entourage as mentors for our business will be invaluable and cannot wait to start work with them.

Two Madhatters will also receive a 6-month membership to The Entourage valued at $8,400.

Thank you once again to all of our entrants this year. We truly appreciate the effort that would have gone into your submissions and for taking the time to share your stories.