Veracity - December 2018 edition

By  Vero Insurance

Message from Anthony and Sam

What an unbelievable year we’ve all shared!

The end of the year is fast-approaching and it’s timely to reflect on what’s happened in 2018. It’s been a huge year for Vero– we’ve had some big wins, some challenges, but overall, we have achieved a great deal.

We’re continually upgrading our systems and processes to improve the way we do business with our broker partners and this year, we did a lot!

  • We were thrilled for VeroEdge to be recognised at the 2018 Insurance Business Awards and the continual enhancements we have made throughout the year to improve your online experience. In this digital age, that means Vero is really out there and leading the way.
  • Now, a minimum of 80% of Vero’s SME business is processed without a referral and our dedicated Underwriting team is servicing up to 500 calls a day – helping to improve our turnaround times.
  • This year, we launched the 7th Vero SME Index via a webinar – delivering the findings of this important research to a wider audience. Over 95% of brokers loved the new format and the useful information we delivered.
  • We also worked with you to identify clients with possible underinsurance across SME property and liability classes. It was great to see so many of you drive better program solutions.
  • We also launched the Suncorp Learning Campus – offering you a wide range of excellent training and educational courses to assist in your professional development.
  • We enhanced our Equipment Breakdown offering and saw unmatched growth and support for this market leading product.
  • We introduced OneTouch Claims – our new process that speeds the service you can provide to clients, making the entire claims process as efficient as possible.
  • We celebrated our 28-year partnership with NIBA and our sponsorship of the Warren Tickle Memorial Award recognising Australia’s top young professional broker.
  • Once again, we reflected Vero’s unique strength in risk management and GIO’s strength in workers compensation by staging the 13th RM Advancer Awards ceremony in Melbourne. These awards once again attracted strong interest from Australian businesses of all sizes. 
  • Many of our broker partners also attended the brilliant Synergy Sunrise Series where they heard from our CEOs and were fascinated by our Innovation in Action sessions, conducted by some of Australia’s best industry experts.

Vero has taken proactive steps to restore and improve profitability to our commercial portfolios. We appreciate your support as you work with our distribution and underwriting colleagues during this current market cycle. Our wish to meet more of our customer needs and be there in the moments that matter is reinforced by our invested partnership with you, our broker partners. 

It has been an exceptional year and we remain totally focused on your success. Please enjoy the end of year break, recharge your batteries and return ready for an even bigger year in 2019.

Claims update: SME Property case-managed claims

Vero has enhanced its claims service making it easier for you to do business with us. We’ve listened to your feedback and have invested heavily in our claims handling ability.

SME Property case-managed claims

Last month we announced the move to Vero Personal Insurance case-managed claims. Now we have expanded our case-managed ability to SME Property claims.

What does this mean for you?

A simpler, more streamlined process for property claims:  

  • Once a claim is lodged, we decide if the claim can be settled on first contact (OneTouch)
  • If more information is needed, a Claims Officer is allocated to the claim and manages it through to finalisation 
  • NEW:  Post lodgement brokers will have direct access to the Claims Officer via the telephone. There is no need to go through the 1300 number
  • Email process ( remains the same with workflow allocated to the Claims Officer

Need more information?

We’re committed to creating a positive customer experience for the moments that matter. For more information about our claims proposition, please contact your local Vero representative.

Who will be 2019’s NIBA Young Professional Broker of the Year?

Nominations are now open for the Vero-sponsored 2019 NIBA Warren Tickle Memorial Award, recognising Australia’s Young Professional Broker of the Year.

This year’s winner, Craig Anderson of Austbrokers ABS, said “I think people should be nominating young professionals for the Warren Tickle Memorial Award because it’s just such a fantastic opportunity to learn – from people in the industry, clients and insurers.”

“It’s been a fantastic experience, let alone winning the award!”

The Warren Tickle Memorial Award winner receives a $10,000 prize to be spent on their personal and professional development. So please focus on the everyday achievers in your business and nominate them for this prestigious award that celebrates their commitment to the insurance broking profession.

“It’s one of the best training experiences I’ve ever had in my career!” said Craig.

Please click here to nominate your choice for the 2019 NIBA Young Professional Broker of the Year Award.

Watch Craig Anderson’s complete interview here.

The latest enhancements to VeroEdge

Vero is always focused on making it easier for you to do business with us. We want to reduce inefficiencies and help you streamline your business. 

That's why we have made further improvements to VeroEdge, helping you to offer your SME customers an even better service.  

You will find these changes when you log on to VeroEdge: 

Making business faster, simpler, better

  • We’ve expanded the use of hyperlinks when there is an error message 
  • Added smarter address search results  

New functionality

SME Packages

  • An enhanced cover eligibility indicator shows declined occupations
  • The acceptable agreed value range is displayed for vehicles under 2 tonnes 

Workers Compensation – now has an easier way to enter prior term claims details:

  • Pre-populated terms and term dates
  • Information is captured on a single page 

Improved navigation and flow

Further improvements have been made to the navigation menu: 

  • The header bar at the top of the page is fixed and remains between pages
  • Previous and Next page buttons show the page name

A summary of the key changes can be found here.

Vero continues to transform the way we do business with our broker partners. Thanks for your support this year and watch for further enhancements to the platform in 2019.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance for today's equipment-intensive Aged Care Facility

Row of Houses

Vero Equipment Breakdown Insurance can protect your clients’ business against the costs of unforeseen breakdowns, as well as offering income protection for today’s equipment-intensive Aged Care Facilities.

The potential for growth in this insurance category is enormous. 

Practical tools make it easier to sell.

We have developed a new Aged Care risk flyer containing equipment examples, different types of cover and real losses incurred at an Aged Care Facility.

Two helpful loss bulletins aid you in client discussions and further educate on the risks they face without adequate Equipment Breakdown cover. 

You can rely on Vero for the broadest Equipment Breakdown Insurance. 

Aged Care Facility Occupancy Flyer

Loss Bulletin - Diesel Generator

Loss Bulletin - Water Heater

Intermediary Survey update

In October, we launched a survey on the Intermediary Voice of Customer program to better understand the needs of our broker partners.

This program invites a cross-section of brokers to provide feedback 2-3 times a year on Vero’s products and services, allowing us to respond to your views and act quickly. 

Earlier this year, you told us that our service levels needed improving.  This common theme applied to referral times, claims processing and call-waiting times. 

In response, we have focused on these key areas:

  • Providing a faster claims service by expanding the availability of OneTouch and non-assessed SME and Home Property claims. 1 in 4 claims are now processed and finalised instantly at the time of lodgement.
  • Set up smarter underwriting rules in VeroEdge to deliver more straight-through quotes. As a result, 80% of business rules are processed without the need for a referral.
  • Established a dedicated SME Underwriting Team equipped to service 500 calls per day.

We’ve made good progress but we also understand that more needs to be done to make it even easier to do business with us.

Please look out for an invitation to take part in our Intermediary survey in the coming months. Your feedback is always important to us. 

Webinar: GROW – yourself, your people, your business in 2019

Facilitator: Beverly Bradley, Distribution Partners Manager, Suncorp Group

10am, Wednesday 13 February 2019

Duration: 30 minutes

As a leader or business owner, one of your most important roles is to coach your people to be their best. By doing this, you'll help them make better decisions, solve problems holding them back, learn new skills, progress their careers and your business.

Many people need to develop this important skill themselves. This may sound daunting, but if you arm yourself with some proven techniques, practice, and trust your instincts, you can become a great coach.

The GROW Model is a simple yet powerful framework for structuring your coaching or mentoring sessions. You can coach yourself, your people, your customers, your family to achieve even better results and different outcomes.

This interactive session will introduce you to the GROW model – the structure, questions to ask, challenges you may encounter and the chance to practice.

Register here today.

Arrive safely this festive season

A family packing bags into the car

Summer is here and while we’re prepared for the fun things this time of year presents, we tend to forget the clear and present dangers the silly season brings with it. That’s why is pays to remind your clients of the risks they face over the holiday period. Here are some key points:

Driver Distractions

Vehicles are built to be safe and protect us from harm, but they can also be full of distractions. Despite the awareness about the dangers of using a phone while driving - many still believe that talking on the phone, texting or reading messages is OK.  It takes the drivers eyes off the road and presents a clear danger. Even simple tasks like changing the radio station or talking to your front seat passenger can divert your attention – so keep it to a minimum, and keep your eyes on the road.

Think Like Other Drivers

Anticipation can be the best weapon to avoid accidents. Don’t assume that everyone else on the road is as good as you. If another driver is behaving erratically – speeding, ignoring signs or swerving – steer well clear of them or even stop to keep yourself and your precious cargo safe.

It’s Going to Take a Little Longer.

The festive season is just that – festive. Deadlines suddenly aren’t all that important and the people you’re travelling to see are far more concerned about you than the time you arrive. Avoiding the temptation to rush at this great time of year can help you arrive in great shape.

Secure your premises!

This is the time of year when you are most likely to leave premises unattended and don’t burglars know it! Do you have an up-to-date security system? Then let potential intruders know. 

Be Weather Aware

With temperatures starting to rise it’s a timely reminder to prepare for the storm season. The recent weather events we’ve experienced underscore this ever-present threat.  No two seasons are the same and our claims data shows that even low scale weather events can have a significant impact.

Last year, a large proportion of storm claims were caused by wind or rain and businesses should prepare their properties now. Simple activities like removing debris from around their premises, cleaning gutters and trimming low-hanging branches can reduce possible storm damage.

The Bureau of Meteorology can be relied on as an accurate source of weather information – especially when there’s extreme weather on the way. Take note of their bulletins and plan accordingly.

Visibility on the road can be severely restricted in heavy rain. Hail can cause real damage in a matter of seconds and presents another distraction to the driver. And never, ever attempt to drive through flood waters.

Useful Information and Links

It’s also important clients update emergency kits and make sure their insurance policies are up to date. Here you’ll find some useful suggestions and tips to help you.

We’ve included information about our claims processes should you or your clients need to make a claim during the holiday period.

Need to Make a Claim?

Contact Vero’s Claims Service Team – 1300 888 073 or by email

Event Response

Vero’s Mass Assessment Centres field large scale Motor claims enquiries quickly, supported by an Australia-wide claims team to provide knowledgeable and empathic advice to customers. 

Hail Damage

Vero utilises the latest Paintless Dent Repair Technology for hail damage vehicles. It restores the metal to its original shape, with greater results compared to traditional repair techniques, so we can get your clients back on the road faster. 

O’Brien Glass

A hassle-free experience when you lodge a windscreen claim with us:

  • O’Brien Glass will contact the customer within 4 business hours to arrange date and time to complete repair
  • Majority of repairs take no longer than a standard repair at any other shop
  • Front windscreen chips are repaired within 30 minutes
  • Repairs come with a life time guarantee
  • Materials meet both Australian Design Rules and Australian Standards
  • O’Brien Glass Approved Repairer Network is contactable 24/7 and covers 97% of the population

Commercial motor repair process - O'Brien Glass

Capital S.M.A.R.T Repair Centres 

With 38 locations around Australia, Capital S.M.A.R.T Repair Centres will get your clients back on the road with minimum impact:

  • Next day availability
  • Majority of repairs completed within 3 working days
  • No quote or assessment required
  • Complimentary taxi to and from Capital S.M.A.R.T Repair centre to the customer's home or workplace
  • Quality certified repairs; undertaken to a standard, not just a price
  • Repairs guaranteed for the life of the vehicle
  • Booking is quick and easy – simply phone 1300 888 073

Recommended Repairer Network

Vehicles that don’t fit the S.M.A.R.T criteria or fall outside the serviced area will be assigned to one of our recommended repairers – a national panel of 250 repairers, servicing metro and regional areas.  

Key benefits:

  • No quote or assessment required
  • Complimentary taxi to and from the repairer to your customer’s home or workplace
  • Quality certified repairs; undertaken to a standard, not just a price
  • Repairs guaranteed for the life of the vehicle
  • Booking is quick and easy – simply phone 1300 888 073

Commercial motor repair process - recommended repairer network

Speed and stopping distances

A reminder of how long it takes to stop a vehicle at various speeds and the possible impacts of this is useful for every motor vehicle driver, an overview of speed and stopping distances is provided in this RM Insight article.